NC Department of Environment and Natural Resources
Employee Portal

2728 Capital Blvd. Building

Building Access
Staff must wear their ID tags at all times while in the building. All guests should go to the visitor center to sign in and receive a badge.

The design of the building and the fact we share this leased space with other private tenants have made security for this building particularly difficult. Please make sure visitors sign in at the customer service welcome center, lock up valuables and don't prop doors open.

If you have security concerns or want to report a security issue, call Customer Service at 733-1398.

Do not park along curbs, in no parking areas, in the loading dock area, or any space not lined for an individual vehicle. Handicapped spaces, where properly marked, are reserved for vehicles with handicapped stickers only, or the driver of the vehicle qualifies for the $100 fine.

State vehicles assigned to the division should be parked behind the 2728 building, near the utility shed.

Conference Rooms
DPPEA confrence rooms may be used by any state agency. The conference room calendars are on Outlook). Ask the IT representative if you need access to the calendars and don't have it.

Pollution Prevention
North Carolina Division of Pollution Prevention and Environmental Assistance
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