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Conference call instructions

The division has two options for conference calls. The first should be used when the call details are known ahead of time and for larger groups. Follow the instructions below for requesting a conference call line from the state operator for this kind of call.

To request a conference call line from the state operator:

Fill out the Meet Me Conference Call Request Form and e-mail it to the state operator. PLEASE NOTE: Callers to this number will be charged for a long distance call just as if they were calling long distance to any number. In other words, it's not a toll free call for outside parties. The state operator will e-mail the form back with the information needed for the call. Cost for division: $10 .

The second option should be used for short-notice calls, smaller groups or when you want the division to pick up the tab for the call. It uses a calling card and can be set up quickly. Cost for division: $.03 per minute per caller.

To use the calling card conference call line:

All callers dial into (877) 685-5350
The moderator passcode is: 2329345
The participant code is: 232934

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