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4.2 Environmental Policy Statement
4.3.1 Identification of Aspects and Impacts/Significance Determination
4.3.1-1 Aspects and Impacts Table
4.3.1-2 Significance Spreadsheet
4.3.2 Legal and Other Requirements
4.3.3 Objectives and Targets
4.3.4 Environmental Management Program
4.3.4-SM Objectives and Targets Worksheet: Smart Meetings
  DPPEA Event Planning Checklist for Smart Choices
4.3.4-RS Objectives and Targets Worksheet: Reusable Supplies
4.3.4-CM Objectives and Targets Worksheet: Computer Monitors
4.4.1 Structure and Responsibility
4.4.1-1 Responsibility Matrix
4.4.2 Training, Awareness and Competence
4.4.2-TM EMS Training Matrix
4.4.3 Communication
4.4.4 EMS Manual
4.4.5 Document Control
4.4.5-1 Document Control Matrix
4.4.6 Operational Control
4.4.6-AF Work Instruction - Increased Alternative Fuel Use
4.4.6-AS Work Instruction - Adopt-A-Stream Project
4.4.6-BAT Work Instruction - Battery Recycling
4.4.6-BR Work Instruction - Buy Recycled/In Bulk Policy
4.4.6-CP Work Instruction - Reuse Computer Packing
4.4.6-DD Work Instruction - Document Duplication
4.4.6-EAT Work Instruction - Efficient and Alternative Transportation Use
4.4.6-EL Work Instruction - Equipment Leasing Policy
4.4.6-EO Work Instruction - Miscellaneous Equipment Operation
4.4.6-ESE Work Instruction - Purchasing Energy-Saver Equipment
4.4.6-ESR Work Instruction - Event Signage Reuse
4.4.6-IA Work Instruction - Internal EMS Audit
4.4.6-OD Work Instruction - Office Delamping
4.4.6-RT Work Instruction - Reuse Toner Cartridges
4.4.6-SM Work Instruction - Event Planning with Smart Choices
4.4.6-TEL Work Instruction - Telecommuting
4.4.6-VMF Work Instruction - Procuring a Vehicle from Motor Fleet Management
4.4.6-VP Work Instruction - Vermicomposting Project
4.4.7 Emergency Preparedness and Response
4.5.1 Monitoring and Measurement
4.5.2 Nonconformance and Corrective and Preventive Action
4.5.2-1 Corrective and Preventive Action Report
4.5.2-1 EMS Records
4.5.3-1 EMS Records Index
4.5.4 EMS Audit
4.6 Management Review
Pollution Prevention
North Carolina Division of Pollution Prevention and Environmental Assistance
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