NC Department of Environment and Natural Resources

Safety policies

Emergency Numbers:  
Fire: 911
Police: 911
Ambulance: 911
Carolinas Poison Center: (800) 848-6946
MedFirst Urgent Care: (919) 878-4647
State Capital Police: (919) 733-4646
DENR Safety Risk Management
DPPEA Safety Committee and Sub-Committee Roles and Responsibilities
DPPEA Safety Program Structure and Committee Members

Safety Operating Procedures

Fire Alarms/Severe Weather Procedures
DPPEA Building Fire - Ron Still, Fire Marshal

  • Tornado
  • Working in Hot Weather
  • Working in Cold Weather
  • Vehicle Operation
  • Accident and Injury Responses
  • Home Accident Prevention
  • Holiday Safety Practices
  • Sun Exposure
House on fire

Evacuation Procedure
All fire alarms are to be treated as if a fire is in progress. When the fire alarm rings, DPPEA staff will evacuate by exiting the 2728 Capital Blvd. building through the exit near the training room. Once through the building door, DPPEA staff will turn left and proceed across the parking lot and the road and form a group across service road. Office lights should be turned off and doors closed without delaying the evacuation.

Remember that the loading dock door is not a fire exit. The reason for this is that the overhead roll-down doors are electrical and could be triggered to close trapping employees in the high bay with no means of exit. 

The office Fire Marshall, or in his absence, a manager who is present will verify that all DPPEA staff are present at the assembly area or accounted for and then report to the building safety committee by the main flag pole at the front of the building. 

DPPEA Tornado & Severe Weather Procedure
In the event of a tornado warning and/or severe weather, DPPEA staff will seek shelter in the entrance area of the women’s restroom. The room through the first of two doors in the women’s restroom, is a concrete structure that is windowless and not located on an exterior wall, thus providing more safety than DPPEA offices. DPPEA staff will assume the crouching position in the event of an imminent tornado to protect themselves from debris.

Pollution Prevention
North Carolina Division of Pollution Prevention and Environmental Assistance
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